Mask Testing Data

We have decided to test every mask that we can get our hands-on and test them in our $400K laboratory, using the same testing methods and equipment that NIOSH uses to approve N95 respirators.  

We will be testing N95 respirator masks, KN95 masks, KF94 masks, surgical masks, cloth masks, and anything else we can find on the market.

If there is a specific mask you would like us to test, please email us using the Contact Us section. 

Product Name Manufactured in Type Style Strap PFE Pressure Drop (mm H20) Test Flow Rate Brand Grade
Armbrust USA-Made KN95 Mask KN95 Bifold Earloop 99.18% 85L/min Armbrust Fail
LUCIFER Disposable Face Mask China Disposable Bifold Earloop 79.75% 8 85L/min LUCIFER Fail
Dräger X-plore N95 Respirator USA N95 Bifold Headband 98.68% 10.3 85L/min DRÄGER Pass
Moldex 2200 Series N95 Respirator USA N95 Cup Headband 98.19% 9.1 85L/min Moldex Pass
BNX N95 Respirator USA N95 Bifold Headband 98.83% 7.6 85L/min BNX Pass
WWDOLL Kids KN95 China KN95 Bifold Earloop 98.37% 18.5 85L/min WWDOLL Pass
Crayola Kids Face Mask China Cloth Bifold Earloop 36.81% 26 85L/min CRAYOLA Fail
HART 3-Pack N95 Respirator Mask China N95 Cup Headband 58.48% 22.78 85L/min HART Fail
IFM INDIANA FACE MASK N95 Respirator USA N95 Bifold Headband 98.63% 13.7 85L/min IFM Pass
Zovator (HARLEY) N95 Respirator 20pc China N95 Bifold Headband 99.35% 9.54 85L/min HARLEY Pass
Benehal N95 Respirators China N95 Bifold Headband 98.93% 11.69 85L/min BENEHAL Pass
TOPMAX KN95 Face Mask China KN95 Bifold Earloop 99.11% 21.72 85L/min TOPMAX Fail
Dr.Puri KF94 Korea KF94 Bifold Earloop 98.63% 13.15 85L/min Dr.Puri Pass
Daddy's Choice Purism KN95 Mask China KN95 Bifold Earloop 98.79% 15.56 85L/min Daddy's Choice Pass
BLUNA KF94 Face Mask Korea KF94 Bifold Earloop 98.52% 10.1 85L/min BLUNA Pass
3M COOL FLOW RESPIRATOR USA N95 Cup Headband 99.70% 6.6 85L/min 3M Pass
3M AURA 9205+ Respirator USA N95 Cup Headband 99.92% 9.13 85L/min 3M Pass
3M 8210 N95 CUP Respirator USA N95 Cup Headband 99.36% 7.17 85L/min 3M Pass
HUHETA KN95 Face Mask China KN95 Bifold Earloop 99.15% 21.1 85L/min HUHETA Fail
Honeywell H910P N95 China N95 Bifold Headband 98.16% 13.1 85L/min ‎Honeywell Pass
BYD CARE N95 Respirator China N95 Bifold Headband 93.70% 12.1 85L/min BYD CARE Fail
PFE = Particle Filtration Efficiency (0-100%)
Pressure Drop = Air Resistance or Breathability (Lower the better) (measured in mmH20)